Benefits of Equine Massage

  • Increase flexibility 

  • Increased range of motion

  • Reduction of stress

  • Behavioural improvements

  • Natural painkiller

  • Healthy , happy horse 

  • Physical benefits : reduces the activity in pain receptors to help pain management and aims to improve flexibility , range of motion and stride length. Endorphins are released having a analgesic effect acting as a painkiller. It is suggested massage after exercise can also help to increase muscles rate of recovery.

  • Mental benefits: reduces stress responses by effecting the parasympathetic nervous system making changes to the heart rate and blood pressure and having hormonal effects such as secreting endorphins can help relaxation and anxiety. Allogrooming sites (typical areas they would be groomed by a herd member)  of the horse including mid-neck, wither and croup show the most reduction in stress related behaviour and also heart rate.

  • Massage in humans is found to improve self-esteem and reduce anxiety feelings. Its thought that it has the same effect for horses meaning that it can have a positive impact on performance ; as the better you feel the better you perform.

  • Massage can be used during training and rehabilitation or keep muscles healthy and can release tension and aid mental relaxation to benefit the horses well being.  

  • Massage can be extremely beneficial to horses that are on box rest or restricted movement. Massage will help to prevent atrophy (wastage) of muscles when used in a rehabilitation programme. Massage and stretching techniques will improve circulation, relax muscle spasms  effectively increasing range of movement and enhancing muscle tone. 



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